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The hotel complex is situated in one of the most beautiful and picturesque places of Armenia, in the health resort area “Agveran”, in 40 km on the north from the capital, city Erevan, at the height of 1550 m from the sea level.

Being cozily snuggled among the lush greenth and filled with the aromas of the clean mountain air, it combines entirely the opportunities of active recreation, health improvement and harmony with nature.

The place has been famous for a long time for its curative climate and unique views of the surrounding mountains.

The average air temperature in summer is +22C - +24C , in winter it decreases to -6C- -8C.

The area of the forest compartment (with different kinds of the thick-set trees, including conifers) is 15000 square meters, from which 5000 m2 are in the ownership and the rest 10000 m2 – in the long-term lease for 25 years).

Across the territory of the complex flows the deep crystal clear mountain river “Dallar” inhabited by many kinds of fish.

On the territory of the complex there is a main 4-storeyed hotel building with the floor area 1600 square meters.

All the floor coatings are covered with the high quality imported ceramic granite, and the rooms floor is covered with parquet laminated boards.

On the first floor with the area of 400 square meters there is a restaurant for 60 places and also the cozy bar, fireplace hall for the rest, reception with the recreation room for the administration, large kitchen, different back regions and bathrooms.

On the basement storey there is a billiard room with the bar (the total area is 30 square meters).

The hotel building has 21 modern comfortable rooms with the completely performed electrical installation work and also the wiring for receiving TV signals, Internet and telephone connection. In all the rooms there are bathrooms decorated with the most modern decorating materials, fully equipped with the necessary plumbing equipment and large shower cabins.

On the second floor there are 7 double rooms, with the area 18-24 square meters each.

On the third floor there are 8 double rooms, with the area 18-24 square meters each.

On the fourth floor there are 2 double rooms, with the area 18-22 square meters each, a large conference hall with the area 180 square meters, a room for the café and also the business center with the area 120 square meters.

Most of the above rooms have open balconies with the magnificent nature view.

Not far from the main building there is another building with the total area 400 square meters, which includes the restaurant complex on the first floor for 30 places with the roaster and the tandoor for preparing different traditional meat dishes of the national cuisine and also for baking bread and lavash. The fully equipped bathroom is also situated there.

Nearby there are premises with the total area 60 square meters, which include the sauna, showers, bathroom and the recreation room with the fireplace.

On the same floor there is a sports fitness hall with the area 30 square meters.

On the second floor there are 3 double rooms with the area 16 square meters and a large room for 4 persons with the total area 26 m2.

On the same floor there is a large veranda with the area 30 m2 and the picturesque nature view which can be used as a summer café.

The territory of the complex is surrounded by the stone fence with the height 2,20 m. At the entrance to the complex there is an automatic gate operated by remote control.

Also at the entrance there is a 1-storeyed building for security with the total area 16 m2 equipped with the bathroom.

In front of the main building there is a large parking place with the ground-based marker lights (with the area 150 m2).

Between the two buildings there is an open swimming pool with the area 60 m2 and the dimensions 10 x 6 m, the depth from 1,5 to 2 m.

In the territory of the complex there is a modern boiler station with the dimensions 5 m x 4 m equipped with two tanks with boilers manufactured by the Italian company Lambourghini which provides the supply of hot water and heating for the whole hotel complex. The whole hotel complex is supplied round- the- clock with the cold drinking water. Also the complete installation of gas service was performed.

There is a special electric substation with the power 1000 kW for providing electric energy for the whole hotel complex.

Besides there is an open universal sports ground with the total area 500 m2 for different sports (tennis, football, basketball, volleyball).

The territory of the hotel complex is wholly developed, including covering the paths leading to the buildings by concrete plates.

Near the territory of the hotel buildings there are fruit trees (apple trees and pear tree) with the cozy green grassplot, further there is a large thickgrowing green forest area leading to the river below, which floats across the complex territory.

Complete installation of the hotel complex cables for TV, Internet and telephone connection was performed.

There is a full set of documents with the property deed for the above hotel complex and the land area of 5000 m2 and also the certificate of the right for the long-term lease of the 10000 m2 forest area with the term 25 years .

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